Technical Specification


Rules applied to files for offset printing

1. We accept files in following formats: EPS, PDF, Ai (Adobe Illustrator any version), TIFF, PSD.
2. In each of the files fonts need to be changed into vectors with images embedded.
3. Please save each of the element as a separate page in PDF file (or each element as separate pdf file).
4. Colours: CMYK + PANTONE.
5. The total ink coverage (ink limit) cannot exceed 320%.
6. Raster artwork in 300 dpi resolution (in 1:1 scale).
7. Minimum bleed required: 5 mm (it is advised to not cover/blank elements of an artwork along the layout of the template).
8. The file with template and embellishment (like hot foil stamping, spot UV, glitter etc.) should be supplied together with main artwork (in one pdf file) as SpotColor (overprint) without MULTIPLY function.
9. Once the files are being sent to FTP site we would like to ask to send information (name of the folder and the file) into the following email address: dtpwaw@uds.com.pl or to Your dedicated Account Person
(preferred communication path would be individually agreed).
10. There are various options for colour matching during production: if available please supply your colour proof or we run our proof according to ISO 12647-2:2013.
11. Standard production is run with 150 lpi, if the client requires there is also a possibility to print with 300 lpi.

Rules applied to files for digital printing

1. Format of files for digital printing have to be delivered to printing house is PDF.
2. Colour space CMYK without any ICC profile attached.
3. Raster artwork minimum 200 dpi (maximum 300 dpi) scale 1:1.
4. If there will be dieline:
• It suppose to be marked as a spot color with overprint flag. Dieline color should be contrasted to be visible on layout.
• Exactly in correct place.
5. Layout with bleed minimum 10 mm.
6. All important layout elements (eg. Texts, qr codes) suppose to be placed minimally 5 mm from cutting or bounding
lines (save box). But printer’s recommendation is to keep 10 mm distance.
7. Minimum size of reproduced text in one color is 8 pt.
8. Minimum size of reproduced text in more than one color is 10 pt.
9. Minimum size of reproduced text printed in negative (white text on colorful space) is 16 pt.
10. The thinnest reproduced line in one color is 0,2 pt.
11. The thinnest reproduced line in negative (white on colorful space) is 1 pt.

Files prepared without following to rules above will be printed with client approval
but printing house won’t take responsibility for print quality.

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